Fundamental Analysis of EUR/CHF for February 28, 2019

EURCHF was quite surprising today with an impulsive bearish pressure after series of corrective bullish momentum building up since the bounce of the 1.1150 area. CHF has been the dominant currency in the pair whereas having better economic reports recently while Eurozone struggles with the economic slowdown resulted in further CHF gains in the process.

Though EURO was quite optimistic ahead of economic reports published today, the actual result was a bit of a shock for the EURO buyers which resulted in the drastic fall against CHF. Today German Import Prices report was expected to increase to 0.2% but the actual result was published with -0.2%, French Prelim CPI was expected to increase to 0.4% but the actual result was published with 0.0% but French Consumer Spending showed a positive result with an increase to 1.2% which was expected to be at 1.1%.

Recently German Buba President Weidmann spoke about Eurozone's weakness where he stated that no interest rate increase should take place at least before summer. The growth rate of Euro is quite below the expectation and inflation development is currently going to be the main focus. As per Weidmann, temporary solutions can be applied but long-term sustainability is yet very much uncertain for Eurozone. According to ECB policymaker Villeroy, ECB should look at how to reduce the risks from negative interest rates. As per current situation, fluctuations in the interest rate can be quite risky but it will have its advantage in certain point but currently ECB is not quite convinced to work on the interest rate at least by the end of 2019.

On the CHF side, recently Credit Suisse Economic Expectation report was published with increase to -16.6 from the previous figure of -44.0 which impacted the growth of CHF quite positively and expected to lead to certain gains on the CHF in the process. Today CHF GDP report was unable to meet the expectation of 0.4% and was published with 0.2% while increasing from the previous value of -0.3% and KOF Economic Barometer was published with decrease to 92.4 from the previous figure of 96.2 which was expected to be at 95.2.

As of the current scenario, while Eurozone and CHF is struggling with the economic reports, ahead of Retail Sales report to be published tomorrow which is also expected to increase to 0.3% from the previous value of -0.3%, CHF expected to have greater probability to gain sustainability with the upcoming gains if the results come positive in the process.

Now let us look at the technical view. The price is currently residing at the edge of trend line support while breaking below 1.1350 support area with a daily close. Though the current candle has not closed yet but having such engulfing candle with tremendous bearish pressure in the building, further bearish momentum is expected in the coming days with target towards 1.1200-50 support area.


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