Overview of the foreign exchange market on 03/27/2019

The closeness of the result of confusing history with Brexit makes everyone very nervous. So much that when it is necessary to keep silent, the people's deputies of Her Majesty's subjects cannot keep their mouths shut. . Yesterday, when it was really worth settling down and thinking about everything, and most importantly, not to frighten the market participants with their thoughts about the problem of the expansion of the universe, few supporters of Theresa May said they would support the Prime Minister's plan. That is, they will insist on the adoption of the agreement, which imposes the Fourth Reich. It does not matter that the House of Commons has rejected this agreement twice, since there is not a single word about trade and the economy. Moreover, many parliamentarians rightly consider her a threat to the territorial integrity of the United Kingdom. It is clear that on this background, the pound began to grow steadily, but no one else wanted to develop this topic , and did not support the initiatives of the ardent adherents of the "Iron Lady - 2". Apparently, most parliamentarians are smart enough to keep silent when it is needed. Therefore, the pound failed to build on its success.


Moreover, the pound quickly began to decline following the single European currency, and the reason lies in the miraculous metamorphoses of American statistics. But the fact is that many investors were seriously frightened by the forecasts for the construction of new houses, the volume of which should have fallen by as much as 28.3%. That is more than a quarter. However, the actual data showed that everything is not so terrible, since the volume of construction decreased "only" by some 8.7%. So there is nothing to fear, and you can safely buy the dollar - the currency of a country that has already "become great again." On the other hand, investors exhaled and boldly began buying up portraits of the dead presidents of the United States.


Today, the macroeconomic calendar is completely empty, so nothing will prevent us from enjoying the battles that will soon begin to unfold in the House of Commons. The intrigue also lies in the fact that no one has any idea what exactly they will consider there today. One gets the feeling that even the people's representatives of Her Majesty's subjects are not particularly up to date. The Cabinet, headed by Theresa May, who was elegantly pushed towards by the House of Commons, has already managed to state that any decision made by parliamentarians is not binding, and the government will not support the decision to abolish Brexit. Unless, of course, the House of Commons decides to make such a decision. So what options can parliamentarians consider today? Options one is better than the other. The House of Commons, of course, can accept the proposed "divorce agreement", and this is the best case scenario at least for the pound and the single European currency, since only in this case, they will be able to find the strength to grow. All other options promise a steady increase in the cost of portraits of dead American presidents. Parliamentarians can reject the agreement, and then the UK can quickly begin to pack their bags, since on April 12, they will need to withdraw from the European Union without the "foreplay" in the form of a transitional period. There is the option of a second referendum, but then, if her Majesty's subjects vote again to leave the European Union, Brexit is postponed indefinitely. Although, only if the European Union agrees with such a statement of this question. Well, there is another option of abandoning Brexit, which is equivalent to political suicide to all those who vote for such a decision. As you can see, the options are just great. Well, the most interesting thing is that it is simply impossible to predict what will happen in the House of Commons. It is better to act on the results.

If the House of Commons nevertheless accepts the divorce agreement from the third time, the single European currency can rise to 1.1300. For any other outcomes, the single European currency is waiting for a decline to 1.1225.


The pound will be able to grow to 1.3250 only if the agreement is accepted. With all the other outcomes of battles in the House of Commons, we will have to go down to 1.3075.


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