Risk sentiment captured the foreign exchange market, the yen weakens on trading optimism

The yen is weakening as optimism regarding a trade deal between the US and China has raised its appetite for risk around the world, the pound is becoming more expensive after the British parliament approved a law for the transfer of Brexit. Participants in the trade talks in Beijing last week achieved "great success," and both sides are striving to overcome the remaining differences, according to the White House Economic Adviser, Larry Kudlow. For the first time, China has officially recognized the problems that the States have been discussing for many years such as the theft of intellectual property and the violent transfer of technology by American companies doing business in China. This news helps to strengthen the dollar against the yen.


Sterling received support when Prime Minister Theresa May managed to convince the Lower House of the British Parliament to approve a law that allowed Brexit to be postponed. In general, the market reigns in a risky mood but it is worth remembering that the market has already won back the positive expectations that Washington and Beijing will soon reach an agreement, therefore the further movement of some currencies raises serious doubts, especially considering the fundamental factors. Economic data from the United States did not meet market expectations and it will hold back the growth of the dollar. Activity in the services sector in March broke the 19-month minimum, the number of jobs in the private sector grew less than expected. All of these support the Fed's decision to suspend an increase in interest rates this year.


So far, traders have apparently decided to downplay the importance of some weak data from the US at least until the publication of the non-farm payrolls report on Friday, and focus on positive developments.


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